Thursday, 16 March 2017

A Blog Too Far

Monday 13th March 2017 - WDW

"King of the Battlefield" - French v Prussians

"In Magnificent Style" - boardgame adaptation to hex terrain - Pickett's Charge (ACW).  Seemed to go quite well with two players (Confederates) trying to cross the board and taking heavy casualties in the process.  Realistic anyway!

DBM - Samurai v Xi-Xia - just another day when I should have stayed in bed.  My fighting dice were appalling - its rare to see so many ones in succession.  Alright, my set-up could have been better and Andy's Lh(S) didn't really get off the starting blocks.  On my left I had superior numbers of Bw(I) v enemy Bw(I) on a steep hill.  So how come I lost 5 and Al none?

Wednesday 15th March 2017

Received an email telling me that 'Triumph" has been updated to v 0.5.  I dutifully downloaded same and printed it out.  An amendment sheet would have been nice!

If you are thinking Manuel's catch phrase ("I know nothing!") here's a brief explanation.  'Triumph' is based upon DBA plus a number of additions from the forum and DBA Fanaticus.  More troop types are available including Raiders, Rabble, Elite Foot, Horde and Pavisiers.

The best part, I think, is the terrain system.  One side throw a d6 to choose which page and the other side throws a second d6 to determine which of the 6 diagrams to pick.  The maps are simplistic but do give a better outcome than DBM(M) (WRG has always made a pig's ear of this).

I had been looking through a load of rule sets that I have purchased or downloaded during the past year.  I'm sure that, at the time,it seemed like a good idea.  If I had payed out good money for a rules set then maybe  I might actually use them!  The butterfly mind of a wargamer is prone to this self-delusion.  Triumph was going to be my next trial after QR/TPL [last week].   Now I will have to thoroughly re-read the set before I can begin.  Also need to look at the revised army lists.

Microsoft forced another update upon me late in the evening.  After I had re-booted I tried getting onto the internet - eureka!  The boffins had undone the mess they had caused with the previous data.  Why, Oh Why, doesn't Microsoft check their work BEFORE inflicting it upon their customers?

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Rorke's Drift in South America

Monday 6th March - WDW

"King of the Battlefield" - French v Prussians
"Baroque" - ECW
"Chain of Command" - WW2 - Germans v Russians
DBM - Tuareg v Welsh  - Andy's typically sneaky set up meant that our opponents could only see two full commands and part of a third.  Our fourth command came onto the flank almost immediately and the remainder of the third emerged from the dunes.  Poor Al was in the mire for another week.  At close of play the Welsh had one broken command and another getting close.

Thursday 9th March - Quetzalcoatl Rampant - first game:

I had already typed up the Lion Rampant additions and worked out a Tarascan army list.  All I needed to do now was a trial game using "The Pikeman's Lament" - easy!!!   Well maybe not.

 The initial set-up with the Aztecs on the left and the Tarascans to the right.  Here are the 'companies':

Aztecs (Ood general) with Eagle & Jaguar Warriors @ 4 pts; 1 x Veteran Warriors @ 4 pts; 4 x Warriors @ 3 pts; 2 x Skirmishers @ 2 pts.  Total = 24 pts

Tarascan (Judoon general) with Veteran Warriors @ 4 pts:  4 x Archers @ 4 pts; 1 x Warriors [+ Atlatl] @ 4 pts.  Total = 24 pts

The Aztecs advanced along the line until one unit decided not to join in.  The Tarascans were more cautious only advancing their archers.

At last the Aztec right began to move forward but only into the wood.  On the far left the skirmishers decided to have a rest.

Now it is getting nasty on the Tarascan right with enemy warriors bearing down on the archers.  Did I hear "Men of Harlech" being whistled?  Whatever it was it worked as the gods frowned upon the Aztec general whose unit took casualties from shooting and then he threw 'snakes eyes'.  The resulting morale tests meant two units retreated and one fled the field.  This is what it looked like:

The Aztecs never recovered.

I thought, when I started, that it would be a walkover for the Aztecs.  Serendipity wiped out the Aztec general on move 5 and a high failure rate to 'activate' units resulted in Aztec pin cushions.

I'm sure that I got many things wrong but managed to carry on.  Lion Rampant (and therefore QR) refer to 'Courage' and' Armour' whereas TPL likes 'Morale' and 'Stamina'.  I hope that I made the correct substitutions.

As you can see I used an 'occasional table' 40" x 24" with green A4 sheets of paper on it.  The three pieces of terrain I diced for.  A pretty primitive  set up but sufficient to try out the rules.  Think I need to play a game with some of the club experts before I go for a second attempt.  Also need to get a copy of Lion Rampant for myself.

Altogether an interesting experiment.


Thursday, 2 March 2017

Still Struggling

Saturday 18th February 2017 - WDW

Yes that far back!  Apparently there was a big 7YW game going on with French v British in India.  Both sides were supported by local sepoys.  Rules used -  "Honors of War" (Osprey).

Monday 27th February 2017 - WDW

"Honors of War" - repeat of Saturdays game but on a much smaller scale. 
"Oregan" boardgame (3 handed) - a popular option for the club 'spares'.

DBM - Maccabean Jewish (Al) v Arabo-Aramaean (Tom & Andy).  No Chris this week.  Andy set up 3 commands and I had to hold the left (more than Mr Corbin could manage!).  Al was not tempted to rush his troops towards the enemy low hill - very wise.  As it happened an allied command was hiding there with 10 x  Irr Cm(O) - Al's Bette Noir!  At close of play the Arabs had suffered 2 casualties and the Jews 11.

Tuesday 28th February 2017 - Royston Library

I have pretty much exhausted their stock of relevant books but, as luck would have it, I found this:

The first that I have seen featuring the latest Doctor and Clara.  On the back it says "This trilogy of adventures across time and space follows the Doctor's search for the Glamour, the most desirable - and dangerous - artefact in the universe."  Printed in 2015 it would seem to be the first of the series.  Will have to carry out some research - and get reading.

General Notes

(1)  Yes - still struggling with the last Windows update.  I have spent hours trying to fix the mess created by Microsoft but with little success.  Writing this blog has taken quite some time with frequent failures.

(2)  Quetzalcoatl Rampant - finally got around to incorporating the 'Special Rules' & 'Upgrades' from 'Lion Rampant'.  Now, of course, I have 'The Pikeman's Lament' in my hot stickies!  I think that I should try out QR as it stands before I even think about updating them.


Thursday, 23 February 2017

F*$£*&^ B!$*&!£ Windows

Thursday 16th February 2017 - Microsoft

That kind, considerate and ever thoughtful company Microsoft forcibly installed its Anniversary Update on my computer late on Thursday evening.  On Friday morning I came down to find the machine still on.

Getting onto the Internet, sending passwords, etc has now become a nightmare.  The whole system is completely slugged.  It feels like I am back on dial-up.  There is, of course, no news as to when this American Giant will sort out its own mess.

Saturday 18th February 2017 - WDW

I didn't go and nobody has told what went on.  As there is no meeting on Monday (20th) I will have to wait until next Monday (27th) to find out.

Monday  20th February 2017

Luckily for me I have another computer with Linux (Ubuntu 16.10) as the primary operating system.   I am migrating everything I can to this machine even though it is only 32 bit.  It might be possible to dual boot my 64 bit computer if I can get Windows 10 make some room (another nasty Windows trick).  Meanwhile I will struggle on in the Microsoft  midden.

Thursday 23rd February 2017 

My other hobby - Folk Dancing - has been taking up my time this week - Monday at Great Preston (nr Castleford); Tuesday calling at Sherburn in Elmet and Wednesday at Barnsley.  Will be sharing the calling on Friday at Wrenthorpe (Wakefield) as well.

No commitments next week so maybe, just maybe, I can fit in some wargaming!  I can only hope.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Just One of Those Weeks!

Monday 13th February 2017 - WDW

King of the Battlefield - French v French (7YW)
Baroque (Impetus) - Montrose v Covenanters - Auldearn 1645
DBMM - Later Achaemenid Persian v Chiang & Ti

DBM - NW American v Anglo-Norman - setup by 18.30 hrs - finish at 19.58 hrs.  The Welsh ally threw a '1' at the start so it sat back and watched proceedings.  The flank march came on first round and its general promptly threw another '1'.  On paper this should have been a walk-over for the Anglo-Normans. Good dice on the NWA side and sluggish response on ours meant that we lost one command and then the Welsh changed sides. I cannot disclose which individual threw both poor dice!!!

Footnote:  didn't know if I would attend WDW this evening after attending the funeral of a close friend.  Really brings home human mortality.

Tuesday 14th February 2017

Having been loaned a copy of "Lion Rampant" I could compare it to "The Pikeman's Lament" (which I purchased at Vapnartak).  The two rule sets are pretty similar - same mechanisms with some period-specific fine tuning.  With LR in my hot stickies I could check out the references in QR (see last posting) and make sense of them.

I have no doubt that a 'primary' set plus supplements could have been produced but applaud Osprey for not going down that particular road with the 'Mersey' books.

Wednesday 15th February 2017

Managed to slap some basic colours on my Incas & Vikings before it got too cold and my fingers turned white.  Not fooled by the sun streaming through the window either. 

Thursday 16th February 2017 - HS2

Going to a traveling show of HS2.  Don't quite know what to expect - it could just be all propaganda.  Strongly opposed to a vanity project which will only benefit London (AGAIN).

Another footnote:  struggling to log out after posting.  Since Microsoft forced the 'Anniversary Update' upon me my internet connection has been slugged.  Will have to resurrect my old 32 bit machine so that I can use Linux again.....or spend yet more time trying to figure out how to get Windows to share......sigh!!!!!


Thursday, 9 February 2017

Quetzalcoatl Rampant

........I couldn't resist an unpronounceable title.

Sunday 5th February 2017 - Vapnartak, York

Well it took me less than an hour to reach the venue and parking was straightforward (if muddy).  Entry was free for an old codger (£5 for the working aged). As usual there were plenty of stalls including a number of 15mm manufacturers.  It was also pretty crowded.

My haul included "The Pikeman's Lament" skirmish rules (Osprey) plus 44 Viking blades (Magister Militum & Museum Miniatures).  The only 'plastics' I found were the expensive Perry models plus odd items on the selling tables.

So what were my impressions of the show?  Retrenchment was my feeling.  Ranges seem to have shrunk and continue to do so (this applies to all the shows that I have been to in the past year).  Perhaps this is a reflection of Britain's current economic malaise!

Still probably the best show in the North but.....they really need to sort out the 'Bring & Buy" (throughput is awful).

Monday 6th February - WDW

"The Men Who Would Be Kings" - Colonial bash between Mahdists and Egyptian/Brits.  As expected the Egyptians got a pasting (including the Sudanese) but the Brits also suffered a bloody nose.  
"Cry Havoc" - Ian had discovered some (long forgotten) sets in his loft.  A 3-handed scenario was played out to the pleasure of all.
DBM - Later Carthaginian v Polybian Roman.  Another drawn game but the Roman left and centre were in trouble.

Tuesday 7th February

Whilst meandering through the Internet I discovered  Quetzalcoatl Rampant:

It is a variant on Daniel Mersey's "Lion Rampant"

As regular readers will know I have tried out a number of rule sets for warfare in the New World without being really taken with any of them.  This 'new' set looks interesting but doesn't fit into any of the basing systems that I use.  For "DBA in the New World" my 20mm figures are on 40mm x 40mm bases with 5 (warriors) or 3 (skirmishers) models on them.  My 15mm figures are currently on standard DBM-type bases with a 40mm frontage and various depths.  QR wants individuals with 6 or 12 to a company. 

Some of the club members play "Impetus" or "Baroque" with sabot bases. Integral are small, raised, squares to house tiny dice.  Casualties are not removed directly but indicated by the die.  It seems to work well.  Maybe I can use something similar!

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Vapnartak on Sunday

Monday 30th January 2017 - WDW

Baroque ECW - a straight Royalists v Parliamentarians battle (the over-priviledged v the miseries)
Star Wars (Imperial Assault) on cardboard terrain.
Honshu (card game) - this is one I have played before
DBM - Serbian v Hungarian.  I thought that I had broken Chris' command only to find that I had placed some of my casualties in the wrong column.  The result was that one of my (Serbian) commands broke shortly followed by another.  Chris was within one element of breaking.  An 'early bath' at 21.10 hrs.

Thursday 2nd February - DBA in the New World

I finally got around to putting together a Tarascan army list.  It's based upon the Fog lists in "Blood and Gold" plus "Cities of Gold".  I compared the bases total to the DNW Aztecs then reduced it to 30% to make it comparable.  Before the Spanish turned up the Tarascans were getting the better of their enemies and gaining territory on them.


2 to 11         Tiacham             Bd(S)        5
7 to 48         Archers              Sh(O)        3
0 to 4          Slingers               Sk             2
0 to 11         Archers               Sk            2

Example 75 pts Armies

Tarascan                                                             Aztec:

6 x Tiacham      Bd(S)  @  5  =   30                 8 x Warriors        Bd(S)  @   5   =   40
12 x Archers     Sh(O)  @  3  =   36                 10 x Warriors      Bd(O)  @   3  =   30
2 x Slingers       Sk       @   2  =   4                  2 x Slingers         Sk        @   2  =   4
2 x Archers       Sk       @   2  =   4

Comparing the two combatants it would seem that the Aztecs will have a 'walk-over'!  I will have to play it out  and see. Maybe upgrading the archers to Sh(S) would better reflect their reputation as the supreme bowmen in the area!